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TODAY'S EPISODE of The Rational Basis (r) of Happines‪s

Man and woman trying to control young squirming boy

1-Family Baggage 2-Gayness and Ethics

1-My girlfriend's kid controls her. 2- (starts at 6m 9s) Is it immoral to be gay?

young boy caught with hands in cookie jar

1-I love you 2-Honesty 3-Psychological Independence

1-Why say this? 2-Six year old's fibs (starts at 4m47s) 3-Fear of Others (starts at 7m30s)

shy woman supresses giggle and laugh with hand

1-Shyness 2-Honesty

1-Is shyness treatable? 2- (5m30s) I discovered that my husband watches gay porn.

seven arrows all missing target

1-Teen Sex 2-Fear of Life 3-Giving Up

1-Sex is becoming a diluted value for youth 2--I am afraid of life since seeing a documentary on 911 3-Giving in to failure

teen boy chin in hands depressed

Abandoned by Mom

How will my son's schooling be effected by being abandoned by his mother?

Crying Sad Boy being comforted by his dad father

Abandoned Family

Will my wife's abandoning my son and me effect his school performance?

Man packing suitcase

Abandoned Family (1 of 2)

Is it okay for my young son to meet a father he has never known?

kids ignoring mom

Abandoned Mom

My kids shun me due to the influence of my con-man ex husband.

boy sitting on stopped swing showing no emotions

Abandoned Son

Should I try to reunite with a young son whom I abandoned?

Scared woman hiding under the sheets

Abuse and Panic

I have had panic attacks since I was sexually abused at 8 years old

angry man points threatingly at innocent puzzled woman

Abuse by Boyfriend

My boyfriend hits, chokes, and insults me.

boy has painful look as man pinches his ear

Abuse by Father

Should I turn my son in to child protective services?

girl refuses to listen to concerned mother

Abused Daughter

My adult abused daughter refuses to have anything to do with me.

radio studion sign says 'on air'

Abused Psychologically

I was publicly psychologically abused by a radio shock jock when I was a minor.

Mom angry shouting and ignored by frusrtated unhappy daughter

Abusing the Abuser

My granddaughter severly abuses her abusive parents.

Man raises hand to hit cowering woman

Abusive and Angry

How can I deal with my my husband who has anger and abuse issues?

angry man pointing threatening finger

Abusive Boyfriend

My future brother in law is a tyrant.

Abuse Aggressive man screaming at frightened woman

Abusive Boyfriend

Why do I love my abusive boyfriend?

angry man points finger at meek woman

Abusive ex.

My ex husband psychologically abuses me.

man shouting at woman

Abusive Relationships

(starts at 3m48s) Signs of Abuse in a Romantic Relationship

woman standing with microphone speaking to crowd


How to take the first steps to become active for your favorite cause. A short interview with activist Lin Zinser

man and woman at broadcasting studio


How to engage in effective intellectual activism - a short interview with activist Lin Zinser

woman holds microphone while speaking to a group


How to engage in effective intellectual activism - a short interview with activist Lin Zinser

man holding microphone

Activist, Becoming an

How to take the first steps in becoming an activist - a short interview with activist Lin Zinser.

assortment of sugary cooking ingredients

Addicted to Sweets?

Is my addiction to sweets chemically based?

the word habit

Addiction, compulsion, habit

Why do I feel compelled to tell others about my porn addiction in graphic detail?

man pouring alcohol drink

Addictions vs. Habits

I am addicted to alcohol, food, and sex.

Parenting ADHD boys jumping on bed


Does my son have ADHD?

man at computer thinking about what he read


How accurate is an internet test I took that says I have AHHD?

woman staring at medicine and deciding whether to take some.

ADHD and Choice Making

How an I get my boyfriend to take his ADHD medications?

frustrated mom with over active kids


What should I do now that my kid was diagnosed with ADHD?

Man with halo over head

Adult Virginity

Should I tell my girlfriend that I am a 36 year old virgin?

man Online romance throwing kiss to computer screen

Affair With Friend

How do I deal with my husband's emotional internet affair?

Nervous salesman making presentation to buyer

Afraid of Sales Job

How do I overcome my fear of selling?

older woman scared behind steering wheel.

Afraid to Drive

I am afraid to drive at age 80.

Woman hugs soldier returning from combat

After Combat, What Next?

What a soldier experiences after returning home from war - a short interview with Adjustment Counselor Jay White.

confused puzzled woman

Age Difference in Romance

I can't think clearly about my new romance due to the stress from my divorce.

young lady with older man

Age Gap Romance

My sister is in love with a questionable man 20 years older.

young son fights with parents

Aggressive Grandson

How can I better handle my aggressive grandson?

alcoholic filling glass from bottle

Alcoholic Husband

My husband is wonderful but drinks 2 large bottles of vodka a day and hides it.

smilimg old man in wheelchair with friendly nurse


A second opinion showed my husband's Alzheimer's diagnosis was wrong.

a woman with scrunched up face and a puzzled man

Am I Nasty?

I get nasty with people without realizing it.

Woman crying after being fired.

Am I Unlikable?

I was accused of being rude and was fired.

couch potato young man tv remote lazy


(Begins 6m 46s) I want to make up for my unambitious early years.

angry girl with fingers in ears


I'm twelve and get very angry over small things.

angry husband and wife and kids


Why do I hate my family?

fist punched through glass in anger


(starts at 6m 40s) My new anger is getting out of hand.

angry woman yells at man


Why does my ex continue to hate and torment me?

angry man pounding against wall


I need help dealing with my anger.

woman with fingers in her ears


Why do certain common sounds make me angry?

Angry woman yelling at puzzled man

Anger - Causeless

I hate people and want everyone to die.

Abusive man about to slap a cowering woman on the head

Anger at Girlfriend

Help me stop hurting my girlfriend when I get angry

Angry woman sitting next to unfaithful husband

Anger at Infidelity

I can't get past my anger at my husband for being unfaithful.

angry mother about to lose it with noisy jumping kids

Anger at Kids

How can I control my unjustified anger against my kids?

clenched fist punching through shattered glass

Anger at Lies

I am so angry about my wife's pre-marriage lies concerning her health

old invalid woman in wheelchair

Anger at Mom

Why do I feel so angry at my invalid mom?

man and woman arguing

Anger Control

How can I control my being angry at my girlfriend?

man punches fist through glass window

Anger Management

How can I control my anger?

angry man pounding on a wall

Anger Management

My adult son is seething with anger.

anger man pounding wall

Anger Management

I am afraid that my uncontrolled anger is going to cause a heart attack.

woman angry at puzzled man

Anger out of Proportion

I get very angry over small things.

Angry snarling man points finger threateningly at viewer

Anger Pretending

I am an actor and need to understand how to act angry.

hair pulling frustrated angry woman

Anger With Family

I have a problem controlling my anger.

angry woman yelling at clueless man

Anger-Dealing With

How to deal with stress from when my handicapped wife unjustly attacks me.

angry man and woman arguing

Angry Adult Children

My adult kids have anger issues. Where did I go wrong?

angry toddler girl in car seat

Angry Child

My three year old has anger problems.

Angry young boy with clenched fists

Angry Child

My three year old has rage and anger problems

man resists listening to explanation

Angry Neighbor

We lost our friendship with our neighbor due to a miscommunication.

sad daughter ignores puzzled mom

Angry Silent Teenager

My angry teenage daughter doesn't talk or smile with adults.

angry child points accusingly

Angry Son

My young son asked me to see a counselor about his anger.

text eating disorder and anorexia

Anorexic Friend

How do I help a friend whom recently became anorexic?

Lonely man walks away from a crowd


My husband is increasingly anti-social.

No Image


I no longer enjoy being with people. (begins 4minutes 33seconds in)

sad older woman sits by hospital bed of elderly man

Anticipating Death

I am terrified about my husband's illness.

Man looking at pills spread on table


I want to get off my anxiety meds but I am afraid to.

anxious tense girl


(begins 4m41s) I'm so anxious in public that my legs shake. (begins 4m41s)

man sitting in dark room thinking

Anxiety about Unpleasantness

How to cope with unpleasant issues

Man falling asleep while reading

Anxiety and Guilt

My parents don't know that I quit college.

sick woman nausea vomit at toilet

Anxiety and Nausea

I experience actual nausea whenever I hear a certain song.

nervous anxious scared woman

Anxiety in Public

My anxiety drives me nuts, but I don't want to take medication.

nervous woman with microphone

Anxiety Performance Anxiety

I am a singer with a dull stage presence.

girl sticks fingers in ears while mom yells

Anxiety when Arguing

Why do I overreact when mom and I argue?

sad girl walking alone

Anxiety with People

Is my constant avoiding of people social anxiety?

shy man and woman sitting on a couch

Anxious About Dating

Overcoming the social anxiety of dating - a short interview with Dr. Steve Orma.

man worry cant sleep alarm clock

Anxious About Everything

I am a "chain worrier", moving from one worry to another, and can't stop.

Stern looking mom and dad

Anxious and Insecure

(Starts at 5m 48s) My parents' strictness makes me anxious and uncontrollably nervous. (Starts at 5m 48s)

cant sleep insomnia woman in bed eyes wide open looking at alarm clock

Anxious Insomnia

My anxiety keeps me awake all night.

angry woman and man w folded arms


My husband won't apologize when he unintentionally hurts my feelings.

man gazing longingly at woman

Arranged Marriage

I am attracted to a woman of higher status than myself.

man looking at and touching a globe of the earth


(starts at 8m 6s) What I (Dr. Kenner) gain from art. (starts at 8m 6s)

crappy smudges pretending to be art

Art vs. Decoration

Having the courage to call bad art what it is. (begins at 8m 31s)

Disgusted woman avoids a kiss


I have always had zero interest in sex and find it repulsive.

adhd text

Attention Deficit Disorder and Work

My Attention Deficit Disorder is effecting my job performance.

sleazy boastful man holding cup of coffee

Bad Boss

My boss likes to be boot licked and worshiped.

angry teen boy with arms folded with parents

Bad Child?

Sometimes a child’s bad behavior is a cry for help. (begins 6 minutes 00 seconds in)

Man can't sleep infidelity guilt

Bad Choices

Your mental health can't escape your lies.

mom consoles sad daughter

Bad News

How can I tell my young daughter that her dad died?

man holds balance betweeen work and life+F16

Balanced Life

Finding a balance between work, romance, ad all parts of your life - a short interview with seminar presenter Jean Moroney.

boy at school lo0oks defiently at camera

Behavior at School

My son is great at home but acts up in pre-school

suspicious woman and puzzled man


Why did my friend turn on me after I helped her repair her marriage?

Older Brother helps Little Brother with homework

Big Brother

I'm an only child and crave to have an older brother.

two boys kids jumping bouncing on bed

Bipolar Child

Is there a cure for my seven year old's bipolar?

Parenting a bisexual boy


I am devastated because my son just told me he is bisexual.

angry woman yells at puzzled man

Blame Shifting

Why does my wife blame me for things she does?

family with ten kids

Blended Family

I can't accept having a blended family with my ex.

closeup of couple holding hands

Blind Dates

How to get the most out of a blind date - a short interview with Dr. Don Kieffer.

blindfolded man and woman on a dinner date

Blind Dates

(Starts at 6m 58s) Why you might consider blind dates. (Starts at 6m 58s)

no image

Body Image

Are you ashamed of your body shape? (begins 7minutes 53seconds in)

girl crying with clenched fists held to her injured face

Borderline Personality Disorder

I'm depressed and try to hurt myself.

Woman screaming at puzzled man

Borderline Personality Disorder

I treat people that I like badly.

angry woman hitting young son

Bossy Wife

How can I deal with a wife who is an authoritarian parent?

woman pleading with frowning man

Breaking Up

Should I break up with my dependent clingy girlfriend?

Puzzled man and angry woman

Breaking Up

I mis-read romance signals from girls I date.

woman  annoyed that someone is loading her desk with work papers

Bullies vs. Whimps

I am always nice to people but they take advantage of me.

Two happy well dressed gay men


Should I report my friend's homosexuality to his family?

man holding sign that reads I hate My job

Career Change

I want to change my career but don't know how to go about it.

businessman at crossroads facing  choice

Career Change

I'm concerned that my boyfriend wants to change careers.

Hand writing on glass

Career Choice

Some tips on how to decide between several careers.

woman serving at soup kitchen

Career vs Boyfriend

I help everyone except myself, and this is causing romance problems.

compass pointing to career choice

Career vs Family

How do I decide between my career choice and working for my dad?

two friends smiling happy friendly posing for photo

Career vs Friendship

Should I focus on moving to advance my career, or stay put to be with my best friend?

businessman having hard time solving a problem

Career vs Mental Health

What problems might I encounter going back to work with schizoaffective disorder?

old log cabin away from neighbors

Career vs Romance

I can't agree with my boyfriend about where to live.

stylized sketch of casual sex orgy

Casual Sex

Is true love compatable with casual sex?

No Image


How can I tell if I am being used? (begins at 5 minutes 23 seconds)

Hands in Hands and text

Charity Pros and Cons

When is it proper or not to help someone in need

Woman peeks through window blinds

Cheating - Is He?

How can I tell if my boyfriend is cheating on me?

woman hitting cowering boy

Child Abuse

I turned my own son in for child abuse.

two angry boys with folded arms

Child Abuse - Signs of

How can I help my abused grandkids?

sad girl hurts herself by cutting her arm

Child Anger

Daughter of ex alcoholic hurts herself.

puzzled man and woman siting back to back

Child Custody Tips

How to schedule sharing parent time after divorce.

divorced couple fighting over custody of young child

Child Custody Victims

How can I minimize the bad effects on my child of my ex getting part custody?

girl covers ears while parents yell plead with her

Child Discipline

What are some techniques for proper discipline? (part 1 of 2) - a short interview with Teacher/Author Charlotte Cushman.

Upset angry frustrated mother with hands on head among mischievous little girls

Child Discipline

What are some techniques for proper child discipline (part 2 of 2) - a short interview with Teacher/Author Charlotte Cushman.

parents reading to young son

Child Management

Three simple child management skills - a short interview with parenting coach Cornelia Lockitch

boy confused at choosing which parent to be with

Child Support

If I file for child supprt, will my wife bad-mouth me to my daughter?

young boy and girl playing like they are boyfriend and girlfriend

Children Dating

Is 10 years old too young for my daughter to have a "boyfriend"?

sad childless woman

Children vs Romance

My boyfriend wants kids but I can't physically have any.

goldfish jumping out of crowded bowl

Choices and Conformity

(starts 5m 41s) I caught my friend drinking and smoking.

man and woman n ot talking

Choosing Sides

Choosing one side when two friends fight.

clingy woman pleads with

Clingy Ex.

My husband's ex won't let go after 20 years.

garage filled with junk


Dealing with physical and mental clutter.

therapist taking notes seated next to lady client

Cognitive Therapy

What a first session of cognitive therapy is like - a short interview with Dr. Jeff Riggenbach.

woman client with therapist

Cognitive Therapy

What is Cognitive Therapy - A short interview with Dr. Jeff Riggenbach.

Man shrugging with outstretched hands looking like he does not know what to do


My boyfriend's way of relating to me is all over the map.

man avoiding the advances of a woman


I'm tired of being alone but my boyfriend won't commit.

man partying at dance club


After 25 years of marriage I want to have an affair.

Question mark indicating indecision


My boyfriend does not want to commitment.

man looking at woman who is not his girlfriend


My boyfriend can't stop being close friends with his ex.

resentful woman in bed with man who is using computer


How do I stop a dead end relationship with a guy I love?

shy guy avoids woman's kisses

Commitment - Fear of

I am afraid of long term romantic relationships

two happy boys jumping on a bed

Communicating With Kids

I often lose it with mythree teenagers.

man covering ears, woman covering eyes


I shut down when others talk about their problems.

puzzled man scratching head

Communication Concerns

My wife confessed that she thinks I am overbearing and lack ambition.

woman in office indicating stop leave me alone

Communication Errors

I come across as selfish and insensitive.

Man angry and losing temper and holding a woman's arms

Communication When Angry

Help! I'm always losing my temper with my wife.

woman slaps man's face

Communication With Boyfriend

Was I right to slap my boyfriend?

happy father and son

Communication With Children

How to better understand and enjoy your child - a short interview with parenting coach Cornelia Lockitch.

man agressively grabs tie of another man

Communication With Co-Workers

I am too aggressive with my co-workers

blank gazed girl ignors mom

Communication With Daughter

No one knows why my boyfriend's daughter gives me the cold shoulder.

Old woman praying with bible

Communication With Mother

How can I best communicate with my 90 year old mother who talks continuously and exclusively about her fringe religion?

Man looking surprised at getting caught

Communication With Wife

How can I tell my wife that her son has taboo fantasies?

sign that says risk ahead

Competing With His ex

My boyfriend is too close to his ex wife.

tossing a meaningless participation trophy


(starts at 2m 18s) False praise backfires

woman pulling out her hair


My compulsive hair pulling is ruining my social life.

puzzled exasperated upset man grasping head


I continuously lose things and my mind drifts.

Wife complaining to husband


Dealing with people who love to complain - a short interview with Dr. Andy Bernstein.

Mother spying on child on a date

Conflicting Opinions

I live with my parents whom have different values.

woman in love with two men

Conflicting Values

I love two men.

angry man points finger of blame at puzzled woman

Control - The Need For

After her brain surgery, my wife thinks I am too controling and wants a restraining order.

father son angry yelling fight

Controling Dad

I'm caught between my husband's and son's battles.

angry businessman  threatens scared businessman

Controlling Co-Worker

My supervisor refuses to deal with my controlling busybody co-worker.

Aggressive man sneaking closer to his date while watching a movie

Controlling Friend

My friend won't take no for an answer.

dad avoiding and ignoring his kid

Controlling Husband

I cant cope with a husband who has a 1950's attitude about parenting and housework.

sad girl crying in bed

Controlling Mom

I wake up crying from my dreams about my abusive controling mom.

angry woman pointing finger

Controlling Wife

How can I deal with my controlling wife?

controling woman nags man

Controlling Wife

My wife tries to get me angry by pushing my buttons.

woman yelling at her husband

Controlling Wife

How can I deal with my controlling wife?

man speaking into microphone to audience

Conversation Tips

Two ways to make difficult conversations easier - a short interview with presenter Jean Moroney

man pinching ear of boy who grimaces in pain


I can't get my 12 year old to do chores.

sad shy scared woman sitting alone in  room


The psychological benefit of building courage and integrity by speaking up for your values - a short interview with seminar presenter Lin Zinser

woman finding courage to speak into microphone at meeting

Courage and Integrity

Building Courage and Integrity by speaking up for your rational values - a short interview with activist Lin Zinser

Upset woman with coworkers talking about her behind her back.

Coworker Difficulties

I am unable to deal with my difficult coworkers

coworkers talking behing back of sam man

Coworker Issues

I'm ostracized by a group of my coworkers.

two women discussing about a third upset coworker

Coworker Issues

My coworker's paranoia causes problems for everyone.

annoyed office worker holds up hand indicating to stop it.


How can I deal with my annoying coworker?

angry girl avoids mother

Creepy Dreams

17 Year old girl is angry at and fearful of adults.

boys fighting

Criminal Minds

Why has our good parenting created a bad son?

angry man pointing finger

Critical Parent

Why does my sister defend our father who only focuses on the negative in us?

woman holds up hand to stop man with clenched fist


My mom can't take criticism.

Frustrated man can't convince a resistive woman


How can I tactfully make suggestions to a sister who makes horrible life style decisions?

sad crying woman


I always get teary about things.

Dead bird

Cruel to Animals

16 year old kills birds and does not know why.

man crying wiping eyes with handkerchief


Why do I cry uncontrollably when I argue with my parents?

Woman sits crying seated across from anrgy man


Why did I cry uncontrollably after my heated verbal fight with a coworker?

udge raises gavel about to declare man guilty

Custody Issue

Grandma wants to let her son raise his own kids despite count ruling.

pile of wrapped gifts

Custody Violation

My son doesn't want to return home after visiting his divorced dad.

man and woman both reaching for puzzled boy

Custody vs. Children

What is the effect of custody disputes upon children?

girl plugs ears with fingers to avoid hearing mom.

Cutting Ties

My adult daughter is irresponsible.

man having online romance and throwing a kiss into his computer screen

Cyber Stalking

My internet romance turned into bizarre stalking.

Angry grandmother threatens viewer with frying pan

Dangerous Mom

Am I over paranoid in thinking that my violent mom is a danger to my child?

shy happy couple on a date


The wonderful value of experiencing romance, even if your partner decides to end it.

Couple dancing at a club


Some ways to meet potential dates - a short interview with Dr. Don Kieffer.

Shy man and woman sitting together on a couch


How can I ask out a girl whom I know has a boyfriend. (Begins at 3 minutes 58 seconds)

young man tries to explain to older woman who ignores him


I'm dating an older woman and there is a lot of friction.

man wearing headphones gazing admiringly at smiling woman


I have a hard time approaching women.

Smiling man with arm around smiling woman


1-Is it ok to ask my boyfriend to move to my state? 2-Is there a problem if I make more money than my boyfriend?

Happy senior couple


Re-Entering The Dating World - A short interview with Dr. Don Kieffer

man looking at his watch

Dating After Divorce

How long should I wait to date after breaking up with my child's mom?

abused woman holding out hand to stop aggressive man

Dating After Divorce

How can I want to date again after leaving an abusive relationship?

man and woman on couch thinking about dating each other

Dating as an Adult

How can I, as a divorced adult, get back into the dating scene?

Sign saying Risk Ahead

Dating Danger Signs

Should I stay engaged or move on?

Nauseous woman leaning over toilet

Dating Disclosures

I want to date but I have health problems.

shy man avoiding interaction with two girls

Dating Failure

Why do I never get a second date?

strict nosey mother spys on kids dating

Dating Gatekeepers

Adult woman has to sneak away from mom in order to date boyfriend.

shy unpopular guy at party with girls in background

Dating Nervousness

How can I better approach women?

Man cries as woman walks away

Dating Reluctance

My son was romantically hurt and won't date anymore.

smiling child and single mother playing

Dating While Parenting

How old should my son be before I start dating again?

unsure confused suspicious puzzled youmg man scratches head

Dealing With Doubt

How should I deal with small nagging doubts I have about my girlfriend?

archery target surrounded by arrows that all missed target

Dealing with Failure

Don't let setbacks or failures lower your future goals - a short interview with Dr. Judy Vanraalte.

grave stones in cemetery

Death Pre-Occupation

My young dad is pre-occupied with death and obituaries.

man in hospital bed with woman holding his hand

Death's Doorstep

Respecting the dying patient's choices and values - with Dr. Ed Martin

Lonely gravestones in field

Death, Fear, and Afterlife

I don't believe in Hell, but death still terrifies me.

choosing by roll of the dice

Deciding to Decide

How do I decide among the boys in my life?

woman can't decide among choices of products on shelves


My sister-in-law can't deal with changes in her routine or make decisions.

man burying his head in his crossed arms

Deep Grief

I am tortured by the death of my nine year old daughter.

Bride dragging groom to wedding

Demonic Wife

Getting out of a vicious marriage.

Happy father reading with happy son.


My husband always sides with my son over me.

dentist attacking patient with pliers

Dentist Phobia

People who freak out at the dentist.

Depressed and unmotivated teenager with head in hands

Depressed and Withdrawn

My 16 year old lost interest in friends, school, dating, and family.

depressed woman with wine and head in hands

Depressing Thoughts

I need help getting over my depression.

depressed sad lonely woman


My depression is ruining my romance.

lonely sad older man walking alone by the shore


1-Art can boost or crush your spirit. 2-What can I do to regain the happiness of my youth?

Woman on couch during counseling


What is the best type of therapy for depression?

sad depressed woman crouching in dark room holding her head

Depression - Sudden and Causeless

Out of the blue I woke up severely depressed

sad depressed teen boy

Depression and Fear

I'm 14 and so depressed that I don't want to do anything.

sad lonely woman crouched in a dark corner

Depression and Guilt

This girl's depression is due to her swimming in unearned guilt.

depressed man on crutches

Depression from Illness

I am depressed from the limits of my Cerebral Palsy.

Doubtful unsure puzzled woman holding pills

Depression Meds

What can I do to get off my depression medication?

Sad lonely depressed woman sits alone in a room full of people

Depression vs. Romance

My wife lacks confidence and seems depressed.

man in deep thought distracted out of focus


My husband regularly feels like he goes into a different world.

man trying to be romantic to uninterested girl


My girlfriend is not at all as intimate as I am.

man punishing a boy by pinching his ear


To spank or spoil - a new perspective on parenting - a short interview with parenting coach Cornelia Lockitch.

text learning disability mantally handicapped

Disciplining the Mentally Handicapped

My mentally delayed temper tantrumed daughter wants me to pay for an apartment.

child caught taking money from the cookie jar

Discovering -No!-

My three year old son suddenly began testing limits.

liar holding crossed fingers behind back

Dishonest Boyfriend

My boyfriend lies about wanting to hire an "escort".

Man lying and standing with fingers crossed behind back

Dishonest Dating

My romantic partner lies and does not communicate.

man and woman fighting for custody of puzzled boy

Dishonest Divorcé

My abusive ex spoils and manipulates my son to dislike me.

many fingers pointing to woman

Dishonest Friend

My friend lied in a big way.

lying woman with large pinocchio nose

Dishonest Girlfriend

My girlfriend told a major lie.

man stands hiding crossed fingers behind his back.

Dishonestly Dating

How can I repair a romance that I messed up by lying?

guilt looking woman caught with hand in shopping bag


I write bad checks.

woman whispering into ear of surprised man

Dishonesty Detection

How do I judge a good friend who spread a rumor about me?

liar woman with large nose

Dishonesty's Revenge

I'm a reformed compulsive liar with friends who still believe my lies

man peeping through shades with binoculars

Dishonesty, apologies, and forgiveness

My boyfriend does not trust me for trivial reasons.

woman consoling sad guilty man


Should I leave a partner whose self guilt is ruining our relationship?

woman avoids husband's kiss with look of revulsion


How do I tell my husband that I no longer love him?

man sleeping with pile of pills next to him


Should I stay with my druggy lying partner?

two way street sign with word undecided


How can I decide if I should stay with my wife of many years?

depressed sad alcoholic woman with wine glass and bottle

Divorce - Should I?

Should I leave my alcoholic unfaithful husband?

angry controlling wife points finger at frustrated husband

Divorce - Should I?

My wife is mentally and physically abusive.

Sad young girl sitting alone on railroad tracks

Divorce and Children

My parent's divorce depressed me.

compass pointing to the word career

Divorce and Justice

I gave up my career for a man who wants a divorce.

obese person sitting at table

Divorce, How to

How to back out of a marriage with an obese wife.

sign with arrows pointing in opposite directions with word 'undecided'

Divorce, maybe?

My husband does and does not want a divorce.

Divorce, Should I?

Should I stay with a husband who has both good and bad points?

Policeman administering a drunk driver test

Divorce- When to

Should I get a divorce after wife's third DWI?

confused housewife wearing cooking pot on head

Divorce- When to

Should I wait for my wife's confusions to pass, or should I protect myself and divorce?

lonely mam walking away from some women

Divorced and Looking

I'm newly divorced, want to meet women, but are unsure.

sad man and woman together thinking

Divorced vs Un-divorce?

Should I get back together with an ex whom I worship?

man brings wife breakfast in bed

Divorced, But Why?

My wife left me despite my catering to her every whim.

dangerous speeding car

Dog Hatred

I love animals but why do I hope my husband's dog gets hit by a car?

Jail for criminals

Doubtful Romance

Is my boyfriend a pedophile?

woman dreaming of a man she likes

Doubting my Choice

I am engaged but have feelings for another man.

man looking at and thinking about pills

Drug Recovery

How can I help my friend who has turned to drugs?

Woman holding face in hands and deep in thought

Earning Trust

How to question a spouse whom might be unfaithful.

Old woman smiling and looking out window

Elder Care Issues

My mom is getting too psychologically dependent on me.

Writing the word infidelity and fidelity

Emotional Infidelity

How can I extinguish my desire for someone whom is not my wife?

woman comforting ashamed man

Emotional Repression

My now emotionally repressed husband blames himself for my being raped.

faces of six emotional expressions

Emotional Repression

I am trying to conquer my emotional repression by being over emotional.

bored emotionless woman

Emotional Shutdown

Early abuse shutdown my ability to feel emotions.

dad ignoring sad daughter

Emotionally Distanced Dad

Why does my step daughter's abusive dad never call her by her name?

sad girl emotionless walking alone


I am emotionally flat, even after a romantic breakup.

crying young woman looking at computer screen


How can I deal with the emotions from my separation from my husband?

man staring nowhere with blank unemotional gaze


My friend has a fear of expressing emotion.

tired sleepy depressed man looks in mirror

Emotions - How to Understand Them

I took my bedroom mirror down because I am so depressed.

soldiers  advancing through desert

Emotions and War

My experience in Iraq - a short interview with adjustment counselor Jay White.

woman showing many facial emotions

Emotions Explained

(starts at about 6m 30s) Are emotions right or wrong?

woman detached disinterested passive unemotional with therapist

Emotions, Causes of

What could be some causes for my depression?

woman spying on man

Ending a Romance

I'm getting signs that I should end my romantic relationship.

sign with text

Engagement Fraud

My fiance of six years keeps delaying a wedding.

Jealous man watches old girlfriend with her new boyfriend

Envious People

Help me deal with an envious ex.

Man with paper bag over his head


In my culture I have to hide my good looks.

man deciding on romance approaches signs saying choice A and choice B

Equality in Romance

Romantic Equality (begins at 4 minutes 30 seconds)

a woman in white bed happy dreaming with smile on face


What does it mean that my wife has erotic dreams?

man aggressively shouting at woman

Escape from Relationship

I need to escape from a bad romantic relationship.

Romance guidebook

Evaluating Potential Partners

How to tell if someone will be a good romantic partner?

Different pills  randomly scattered on table

Evaluating risk

I experience fear and anxiety from reading my medication warnings.

mean looking thug holding baseball bat threatiningly


God will forgive my husband for a murder he committed.


Evil Spirits

My fun boyfriend has a big problem - he thinks he is controlled by evil energy ghosts.

Man at party with several women


My man has too many woman friends.

woman holding a gift

Expressing Love

I try to buy my girlfriend's happiness rather than express my love.

archery target with 7 arrows all missing it


How can failure contribute to happiness - A short interview with Dr. Eric Daniels.

child in bed having nightmare scared by creepy fairy tales

Fairy Tales vs. Mental Health

My son gets hysterically upset by fairy tales.

Two faced man with one side happy and the other side angry

Faith, Reason, and Happiness

Why faith is an obstacle to happiness

woman with very long nose presenting a happy look

Faked Happiness

I fake my happiness even though I sin.

woman shows disgust as nerdy man admirers her

Faked Love

I do not find my nice husband attractive.

large happy family


My boyfriend won't let me see my family.

dad reading to daughter

Family Dynamics

My husband favors my daughter over me.

mom scolds spoiled daughter

Family Dynamics

My son is good but my spoiled daughter favors my husband over me.

Woman chains up a man

Family Friction

My daughter-in-law won't let my son see me.

Fantasy scene of dream about ladder to clouds


My friend can't tell the difference between dreams and reality

sexy woman in santa costume teases nerdy man at computer


My boyfriend fantasizes about other women.

old gravestones in various conditions


All day, alI I can think about is my death

woman worried about her health

Fear of Dying

For two years I have had many thoughts about dying.

sad boy in cemetary looking at grave stone

Fear of Dying

I am very depressed because I can't stop thinking about death.

wide eyed worried man can't fall asleep

Fear of Living

(Starts at 3m 47s) I am afraid of life since seeing a documentry on 911

woman with empty thought balloon

Feelings vs Thinking

Making healthy decisions based on analyzed vs. unanalyzed emotions - a short interview with Dr. Steve Orma.

man shrugging as if he can't decide

Finding a Career

I can't decide on a career.

Book titled the selfish path to romance

Finding a Partner

Ways to Meet Potential Dates - a short interview with Dr. Don Kieffer.

books on shelf

Finding Happiness

Where can I go to learn how to find genuine happiness?

sad lonely woman with happy mother and baby in background

First Child

I'm crushed that I won't be able to give my fiance his first child.

man and woman having therapy counseling at therapist's office

Fixing a Boring Marriage

A sample cognitive therapy session dealing with couples issues - a short interview with Dr. Judy Beck.

child creatively building toy machines with toy gears and metal pieces

Forced Sharing

1-How to say no to a child 2- Forced sharing - a short interview with Teacher/Author Charlotte Cushman.

Abusive man hitting woman


Should I forgive my grandfather and my family for abusing me?

man tries to apologize to woman who rejects him

Forgiving Infidelity

If, when, and how to forgive or apologize when a partner has been unfaithful - a short interview with Dr. Tara Smith

photo of the bill of rights

Freedom and Happiness

Do you take freedom for granted? A short interview with Dr. Andy Bernstein.

guys night out

Friends vs Wife

My husband puts his friends before us.

man waits anxiously by a cell phone


I'm anxious because I think my friend is avoiding me.

Two girl friends angry after quarrel

Friendship Ruined

How can I repair a relationship I ruined with my best friend?

angry look on child clenching fists and


My daughter has anger episodes due to her pain.

two sad gay men sitting back to back

Gay Closet Anxiety

I feel a successful gay relationship is impossible

Boy toddler is playing with teacup serving set

Gender Curiosity

My son likes to play with girl's toys and dress in skirts.

Toddler boy playing with toy tea set

Gender Identity Influences

Should I worry that my two girls dress up my son as a girl?

couch potato sleeping on floor


Should I toss my useless adult son out of my house?

sketches of human deformities

Genital Deformity

How do I tell my girlfriend that I have a physical deformity?

piggy bank locked up


Help! I'm dating a cheapskate.

seven arrows all missing target

Giving Up

(Starts at 7m 20s) Giving in to failure

boy thinking hard about what to do

Goal Setting

How to control your mind so you can reach your goals - a short interview with presenter Jean Moroney.

woman creating a productivity flow chart.

Goal Setting Tips

Tips for success in setting and achieving important goals - with Jean Moroney

bored man on a couch watches tv


I am aimless and have always waited for others to tell me what I should do.

drawing of ugly witch

Good looks

My girlfriend is perfect but I dislike her looks.

girl texting at school

Grades Dropping

My 13 year old is starting to have school and behavior problems.

tormented woman clenching head in despair


How to regain happiness after loss of son, husband, and health.

Angry menacing man in hood


I can't deal with the death of my violent brother whom I loved and hated.

sad woman looking at photo of deceased husband


Is terrible sadness normal after my perfect husband of 20 years died?

man with his head in the sand evading the issue


Is evasion of an issue always bad?

sad old woman looking at photo of deceased husband


My aging friend lost her first and only love.

sad girl hiding behind mom

Grief and Children

My granddaughter lost her dad.

man crying sad tears with handkerchief after arguing romance

Grief and Music

I fear that my bad romance will ruin the music I love.

woman kneeling at gravesite

Grief, Death, and Friendship

Help me get over the death of a dear friend.

quilty woman shopper

Guilt - Unearned

Do you suffer from "unearned guilt" syndrome?

blackboard with the words what is happiness

Guilt Unearned

Happiness around the world - a short interview with Dr. Andy Bernstein

woman losing signs of virginity while playing baseball

Guilt Unearned

I feel guilty because I lost my virginity due to playing sports.

puzzled man with many fingers pointed at him

Guilt: Earned or Unearned?

I feel guilty about many things that I do that are not wrong.

woman shruggs in frustration


I can't stop spelling everything I hear forwards and backwards.

a wierd man sticks forks in his ears


Why do I habitually do strange things?

Compass pointing to Choice

Habits and Free Choice

How can I help my fiance stay faithful?

man whispering into astonished woman's ear

Habitual Liar

My habitual lying is ruining my marriage.

Alcoholic woman trying to be happy


1-What happiness is and is not. 2-Why am I not happy unless I drink?

smiling happy dreamy girl listing on headphones


Does happiness depend on what your deepest beliefs are? - A short interview with Dr. Jeff Riggenbach

Woman turning her back on happy people


Why don't I want or try to be happy?

happy woman with hands in air


Is Happiness Actually Necessary?

no image

Happiness - Obstacles to

What gets in the way of happiness? (starts at 4minutes 40seconds)

aggressive woman with annoyed man

Happiness and Independence

My happiness is totally dependent upon my boyfriend.

proud successful couple

Happiness and Money

Can money buy happiness? A short interview with Dr. Tara Smith

happy woman in yoga class

Happiness Clarified

What exactly is happiness? A short interview with Dr.Tara Smith

Dad is ignoring sad lonely daughter

Happiness Lost

I can't feel emotions due to my unaffectionate dad and I abandoned my own kid.

happy family seated at table eating healthy dinner

Happiness requires . . .

Does happiness require self-sacrifice, or moral ambitiousness?

sign that says what is happiness

Happiness Throughout History

Happiness 2000 Years Ago

frustrated woman pulling at her hair

Harassed by Coworker

My coworker harasses me so much that I want to quit.

man sneaks attention with a woman behind wife's back

Hard Decisions

My boyfriend can't stop being friends with his ex.

withdrawn angry man

Hateful Son

Why does my 21 year old angry son hate me?

man trying to give flowers to woman who has her back to him

Healing From Infidelity

My sister always reminds my wife that I was unfaithful one time only.

spooky ghost-like people

Hearing Voices

My daughter hears voices.

cartoon heart and brain holding hands

Heart vs Brain

Thinking and feelings - allies not enemies - a short interview with seminar presenter Jean Moroney.

Angry boy won't do homework


How can I get my third grader to do his homework?

man crosses fingers behind his own back


Help me stop lying to my wife about my innocent self-pleasuring.

man covering ears to avoid hearing opposing argument


My boyfriend rarely admits when he is wrong.

crossed fingers behind man's back

Honesty and Communication

Everyone lies, so why does my partner object to my lying?

Woman sticks fingers in ears after hearing too much from her date

Honesty and Timing

Is my honesty ruining my romantic relationships?

Woman resisting man trying to kiss her

I am Invisible

My fiance treats me like a sex toy.

man on crutches

Illness vs. Romance

Is it okay to leave my boyfriend due to his illness?

man at crossroads cant decide what to do


I am impatient and obsessive about my cautious boyfriend.

sad man sitting on bed next to sleeping woman


My wife thinks my inability to "perform" is because I don't like her any more.

frustrated man in bed next to upset woman


My wife demands we have a child I can't produce.

angry man and angry woman in bed

Impotency and Trust

My medication-induced intimacy problems are causing my wife to doubt my romantic commitment.

Dad tickling child on chest

Inappropriate Behavior

My husband uses sexual slang around our young kids and pinches them inappropriately

man whispers to shocked astonished woman

Incestuous Fiancé

My daughter discovered her fiancé was once incestuous with his sister.

parent lets child show independence by wearing a superhero costume


The importance of encouraging your child's independence - a short interview with parenting coach Cornelia Lockitch

Man shrugging cant decide


My psychologist constantly gives me mixed advice.

three teenage girls laughing at sad teenage girl


I am pre-occupied with what others think of me.

resentful student making disrespectful face.


My student mentoring is more frustrating than rewarding.

pair of hands holding another pair with text please give


My girlfriend thinks I should constantly be giving her money.

Jehovah witness parents holding bible force religion on child


My religious parents try too hard to push it on me.

No Image


Loss of independence as you age (begins 7minutes 47seconds in)

No Image


Physical vs. intellectual independence; both are necessary for happiness.

nosey woman spys on man and woman


How can I tell my aunt to stop being a busybody?

sad elder abused senior grandmother with fingers pointing accusingly at her

Independence from Kids

My adult kids abuse me.

proud independent boy in superhero costume

Independent Children

How to raise your child to be independent - a short interview with parenting coach Cornelia Lockitch.

happy woman kissed by two angry men


What should I due since my wife was unfaithful?

man and woman flirting


Six ways I processed my husband's infidelity.

suspicious man peering through blinds with binoculars


I think my wife is having an affair.

unsure confused suspicious puzzled youmg man


How do I cope with the discovery that my wife loves someone else?

no image


Evading the evidence that a spouse is unfaithful (begins exactly at 8 minutes)

happy people dancing at club party


What is an "affair" and why are they so tempting? A short interview with Dr. Tiffany Kisler.

man admiring another woman behind wife's back

Infidelity after Childbirth

My husband had an affair after I jokingly told him to.

Man holding hands with girl not his girlfrined

Infidelity and Newlyweds

I am newlywed, pregnant, and my husband cheats.

frustrated woman in bed with man who is reading paper

Infidelity Causes

Some causes of infidelity - a short interview with Dr. Tiffany Kisler

sad man and angry woman  not speaking with each other

Infidelity Damage Control

Controlling the damage when one partner has an affair - a short interview with Dr. Tiffany Kisler.

guilt shame sadness man consoled by woman

Infidelity On Line

I am remorseful for cheating but can't get her out of my mind.

man bpowing a kiss to computer screen

Infidelity Online

My boyfriend has cybersex.

sad man and angry woman after discovery of an affair infidelity

Infidelity Recovery

Controlling the damage from an affair - a short interview with Dr. Tifany Kisler.

unfaithful man and woman holding drinks and laughing at a party

Infidelity Temptation

What is an affair, and why are they so tempting?

Text saying I'm Sorry

Infidelity? Repairs.

How do you rebuild your relationship if you discover your partner had an affair? A short interview with Dr. Tiffani Kisler.

man tries to apologize to woman by using flowers

Infidelity? Repairs.

How do you rebuild your relationship if you discover your partner had an affair? A short interview with Dr. Tiffani Kisler.

sad child girl on phone


This bright 13 year old crys a lot and has many phobias.

woman avoids a kiss from a man

Insecurity and Over Parenting (two parts)

1-I panic and withdraw whenever I get romantically close to someone. 2 (at 6m27s) Kids learn best by doing.

depressesd boy isolated in a dark room

Institutionalized Unfairly

How can I prevent my wonderful grandson from being institutionalized?

Angry woman shouts at man


Should I try to reconnect with a boyfriend with whom I exchanged strong insults?

woman under covers expresses shock while reading book


How can I make up for reading my friend's diary?

woman with microphone speaking to large group

Intellectual Activism

How to take the first steps in defending your ideas - a short interview with activist Lin Zinser

man public speaking at microphone

Intellectual Confidence

How to engage in effective intellectual activism.

a woman in bed happy dreaming with smile on face

Internet Romance

I have a crush on my internet therapist.

happy senior couple in love


Setting realistic expectations for what a healthy sexual relationship is like - a short interview with Dr. Barry McCarthy

man trying to kiss uninterested woman

Intimacy Disinterest

My girlfriend lost interest in the romantic part of our relationship.

man and woman in bed ignoring each other

Intimacy Forever

Intimacy - Use it or Lose it. A short interview with Dr. Barry McCarthy.

man reads paper in bed next to frustrated woman

Intimacy Obstacles

Some obstacles to sexual satisfaction, and some cures - a short interview with Dr. Tiffany Kisler

happy middle aged couple in love

Intimacy Tips

Preserve your romantic intimacy by using these communication tips, a short interview with Dr. Tiffany Kisler

senior couple in wheelchairs longingly holding hands

Intimacy vs Health

Senior couple wants intimacy but can't due to health.

mom yelling at daughter

Irrational Mom

My mom is divisive regarding all us kids

girl forced to give car keys to mom

Irresponsible Daughter

Am I enabling my irresponsible daughter by protecting her from her every mistake?

man covers ears with hands to block out noise


Husband drives wife crazy complaining about all smells and noises.

woman trying to choose among photos of several men

Is he 'The One'?

How do you know when you have found the right match?

angry jealous woman yells at man.


How can I deal with my jealousy?

Jealous man watches girlfriend who flirts with another man


I have become a mean jealous angry person.

very angry woman screaming at man who is looking away.


I've ruined five marriages due to my demonic jealousy.

angry man grasps hands of fearful woman

Jealousy Unjustified

My unjustified jealousy is driving me crazy.

Nervous man in formal wear looking at boss writing on clipboard during job review

Job Loss

Losing my job has destroyed my personality.

nervous woman being interviewed for a job

Job Search

How to deal with job interview questions after my divorce and bankruptcy

Businessman with desk load of papers and holding head up in hands, can't get himself to work

Job stagnation

How can I handle a job I do not like?

strict nosey mother spys on kids dating

Judging Character

My mom is overbearing about my romantic life.

Two girl friends angry after quarrel

Judging Character

How can I choose between my two friends who hate each other?

man covering ears and woman covering mouth and man covering eyes

Judging Others

The consequences of refusing to judge others - a short interview with Dr. Tara Smith.

toggle switch up is reward the good people down is punish the bad people


Which is more important in dispensing justice - rewards or punishments? - a short interview with Dr. Tara Smith.

statue of blindfolded woman with scales of justice


Why some people don't want you to pass judgment on others - a short interview with Dr. Andy Bernstein

man reading paper ingoring woman yelling at him with bullhorn


My fiancé won't stop his toxic daughter from ruining my desire to marry him.

No Image


I get angry at rude disrespectful co-workers whom do not appreciate my hard work. (Begins at 5minutes 13 seconds)

man sitting in jail silhouette


My family shuns me because I identified a family thief.

sign with text saying curiosity

Kiddy Sex

How should I deal with my 12 year old's sexual experience?

young boy courting young girl


My young son touches girls.

happy father teaching happy kid how to play a sport

Kids and Sports

Tips to help your kids (and yourself) enjoy sports - a short interview with Dr. Judy Vanraalte.

No Image

Kids vs. Romance

I have to choose between my kids and my girlfriend.

woman suppressing giggles


My sister drives me and her co-workers crazy with her constant random giggling.

lazy husband on couch eating in underware

Lazy Husband

My husband does not help around the house.

many arrows all missing target

Learning From Experience

How to learn to learn from experience - A short interview with seminar presenter Jean Moroney

archery target surrounded by arrows all missing target

Learning From Experience

A great way to learn: experience - a short interview with seminar presenter Jean Moroney.

frankenstein's monster lashed to table

Learning From Mistakes

Experience as a great source for learning - a short interview with seminar presenter Jean Moroney

woman in wedding gown dragging man to alter

Letting Go

How can I help a friend exit a bad marriage?

two signs reading old life and new life

Letting Go

My boyfriend still wants to be friends with his ex.

woman catches boyfriend watching porn

Letting Go

My boyfriend refuses to get rid of porn photos of his old girlfriends.

Woman consoles devistated man

Liar's Guilt

(begins at 4m 51s) My guilt from cheating has ruined my life.

balance scale  comparing words work and life

Life Balance

Finding a balance between work, romance, and all parts of your life - a short interview with seminar presenter Jean Moroney.

woman in deep thought

Life's Purpose

I don't know what my role in society should be.

sad man all alone


I can't make any friends after my wife died.

lonely anxious shy male student


I’ve never had a romantic relationship.

depressed sad lonely woman


I'm lonely since I moved to a new area, even though I don't miss my friends.

man talking with another man with crossed arms

Lonely for Brother

My older brother seems more emotionally distant since he moved far away.

Caring for poor old sick dog

Loss of a Pet

I am tortured with the knowledge that my dog will soon die.

man upset at wife with child looking on

Lost Love

Should I stay with my unfaithful wife only for the sake of my kids?

smug pompus man lifts nose at onlooker


I deal with my insecurity and mistrust of others by being pompous.

woman whispering lies into astonished man's ear

Lying Child

My granddaughter lies and boasts.

Lying man standing with fingers crossed behind his back.

Lying to Kids

Is lying to a child ever okay?

Lying vs. Romance

I can't stop lying.

man avoiding a crowd

Making Friends

I lack social skills and am lonely.

sleazy man picking pocket of old woman


How to spot a phony psychologist

Happy father reading to happy son

Managing Behavoir

Three simple child management skills - a short interview with teacher Cornelia Lockitch

two images of a woman, one is sad the other is happy

Manic Depression

What is the difference between depression and manic depression?

man and woman couple having massage together


How massage can help you learn more about your partner and enhance your relationship - a short interview with Counselor Gretchen Mason

man and woman getting a couples massage

Massage and Health

The health benefits of single and couples massage

man gives woman massage in bed

Massage and Romance

How massage can help your romantic relationship - a short interview with therapist Gretchen Mason.

woman on massage table

Massage Barriers

Some psychological barriers to getting a massage - a short interview with Dr Gretchen Mason

woman receiving massage

Massage Benefits

How can massages help you with stress reduction and sensuality?

husband massaging wife's shoulders

Massage Benefits

How massage can help sensuality and reduce stress a short interview with therapist Gretchen Mason.

woman thinking hard introspecting hands to head eyes closed


What are your thoughts about meditation?

forgetful memory teenage girl with puzzled look

Memory Loss

I am only 16 but am afraid I am losing my memory.

woman deep in serious thought

Mental Blank

Why does my mind go blank when I try to start a conversation?	woman with paper and pen thinking hard about what to write

Mental Block

It takes me hours to express what should take seconds.

aggressive woman flirts with uninterested man

Mental Infidelity

A married woman has super hots for a married man.

Father reading with his young son

Mental Self Control

How to control your mind so you can reach your parenting goals - A short interview with seminar presenter Jean Moroney.

frustrated mom in kids messy room

Messy Room

Help me get my boys to clean their messy rooms.

woman clasping her head in emotional turmoil


Why is my miscarriage causing my emotions to yo-yo up and down?

woman turns her back to man trying to apoligize with flowers


Misunderstanding your partners behavoir - A sample marital therapy session interview with Dr. Cory Newman.

mom consoling daughter

Mom vs. Step Mom

At what age do I tell my child the truth about my divorce?

No Image

Mom vs. Stepmom

My ex’s new wife wants custody of my kids! (Starts at 6 minutes 10 seconds)

Mom tries to explain sometning to frustrated daughter

Mom vs. Therapist

My mom thinks her advice is better than my going to a therapist.

guilty looking man buying expensive car spending money

Money and Happiness

Why do so many people feel guilty spending their hard earned money on themselves? A short interview with Dr. Tara Smith

thief pickpocket stealing a wallet

Money and Happiness

How and why you obtain money can build or ruin your chances for happiness.

boyfriend spending money on fancy car

Money and Romance

My boyfriend refuses to discuss his spendthrift ways

text - money can buy happiness

Money as Virtuous

Money: The Root of all Evil or The Root of Human Flourishing?

kid counting coins he has saved

Money: Virtue or Vice?

Money: Root of all evil, or root of human flourishing - a short interview with Dr. Tara Smith.

Sign reads bipolar disorder


What can I do about my PTSD and being bipolar?

senior woman glancing sideways with critical look

Mother-In-Law Issue

How to fix a marriage made difficult by my mother-in-law.

man motivated by prize


How to stay motivated in sports and in life - a short interview with Dr. Judy VanRaalte

bored lazy woman fiddling at desk

Motivation by Values

1-I have become terribly lazy 2-I think my view of love is irrational.

Sad older man looking lonely and distant

My Increasing Dementia

How can I enjoy my remaining short life?

young girl with blank expression

My Indifferent Mom

Is my empty feeling due to not bonding with my mom?

sad man surrounded by people asking for money

My Money

I don't feel I have the moral right to my hard earned money.

Mysterious Break-Up

My ex won't tell me why she broke up with me.

Businessman at desk working hard and alone

Mysterious Coworker

Should I worry about a co-worker who never talks about their outside life?

sad woman crying in bed

Mysterious Emotions

Why am I angry and cry all the time?

happy woman enjoying personal time at yoga class

Myths About Slefishness

What selfishness actually is - a short interview with Journalist Peter Schwartz

threatining woman with teeth bared and pointing finger

Nagging and Complaining

My girlfriend is always nagging me and complaining.

scared woman running from someone


What is causing my nightmares?

scared woman hiding under bed sheets


My friend has gruesome nightmares about his druggy girlfriend.

sad girl emotionless walking alone

No Friends

I can't help thinking that no one cares about me.

lonely bored mother with baby child

No Friends

1-I'm a stay at home mom with no friends. 2-Should men talk with other men about their emotions?

sad woman at happy party

No Happiness

Why haven't I ever been happy?

woman ties up man fantasy in chains

Nudity; Beautiful vs Offensive

My long distance boyfriend views erotica instead of nude pictures of me.

obese woman sitting on bench

Obesity Reversal

I can't overcome my procastination and weight problem.

many water bottles


Woman constantly carries 10 water bottles but never drinks from them.

man grabbing his head in frustration

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

My OCD is driving me to feel and do crazy things.

Angry woman yells at clueless man

OCD and Bi-Polar

I'm ruining my prefect romantice relationship due to my OCD and Bi-Polar emotional outbursts.

Woman posing with much older man

Older Men

I love a man 23 years my senior.

strict looking parents


My parents are controlling psychos.

sad girl walking alone


My wonderful daughter suddenly left home.

obese woman sitting on bench


My marriage is not working due to my weight gain.

obese woman sitting on park bench

Overweight vs. Sexuality

I lost desire for my girlfriend since she gained weight.

airplane being struck by lightning

Panic Attacks

After a bad air flight, I have continued panic attacks about everything.

lonely man avoids a crowd of people

Panic Attacks

I am scared to attend any social events.

crazy man inserting forks with wires in both ears


I can't cope with my boyfriends psycholigical issues.

mom lectures frustrated daughter who ignores her


How can I improve my relationship with my young daughter when my nasty ex won't say no to her?

unhappy toddler in car seat screaming


How can I stop my 3 year old from having temper tantrums?

Parenting happy family at dinner


Three simple child management skills - a short interview with parenting coach Cornelia Lockitch.

No Image


I must have a baby if I am to be happy. (begins at 8 minutes 2 seconds)

two men and two women arguing

Parents and my Ex.

My parents and my ex. husband seem like they gang up against me.

man sees girlfriend with past lovers

Past Lovers

I'm tortured about any men in my girlfriend's past.

girl at school looking off into the distance with a distracted look

Paying Attention

How can I stop my thoughts from wandering when other people talk?

Obnoxious man shouting at woman

Peacekeeper Mom

One family member always ruins family events.

perfectionist man cutting grass with scissors

Perfection as a duty

My son is a perfectionist and hates criticism.

perfectionist man cutting grass with scissors


Are you a perfectionist? What is this? Is this good or bad? A short interview with seminar presenter Jean Moroney.

emotionless woman bored at work


I always want to quit when I try new ventures.

many different faces on a man

Personality Change

My husband's unstable personality bounces all over the ball park.


Personality Change

My 16 year old outgoing cousin suddenly withdrew into a fantasy world.

Woman showing two different moods

Personality Disorders

I feel like I am two different people - a young girl, and a psychopath man.

young girl in deep thought

Peter Pan Syndrome

I'm terrified of growing up.

man holding microphone


I get anxious when I have to talk to new people.

man and woman snuggling and cuddling

Pleasure and Intimacy

Enjoying and Enhancing Romantic Intimacy - A short interview with Dr. Judy Kurianski.

Shocked kid reading pornography

Porn Discovery

My kids found porn on my husband's phone.

computer chained closed

Porn vs Romance

My 10 year porn addiction competes with my desire for my wife.

surprised woman viewing computer screen

Porn vs. Me

Why does my boyfriend use porn when he has me?

shocked surprised astonished angry woman staring at computer porn

Porn vs. Romance

How can I save my marriage after my wife discovered my porn addiction.

man reading with wide eyes glued to open book

Pornography (1 of 2)

Porn as a substitute for intimacy

man reading with wide eyes glued to open book

Pornography (2 of 2)

Porn as a substitute for intimacy (begins at 7 minutes 20 seconds)

Man overloaded with work sits next to pile of papers

Problem Solving

The two most commmon roadblocks to problem solving; overload and doubt - a short interview with seminar presenter Jean Moroney

bored businessman at computer


What can I do to stop procrastinating at work?

garbage and trash scattered in a field

Property Rights

My husband dumped garbage on our neighbors property.

pile of wrapped gifts

Proud of Wealth

Why do so many people feel guilty spending their own money on themselves? A short interview with Dr. Tara Smith.

neon sign of hand and word 'psychic'

Psychics and the 'Paranormal'

Why are some people interested in the 'paranormal'? A short interview with Dr. Ed Buckner

A man breaking apart from a crowd

Psychological Independence

The importance of giving your child psychological independence - a short interview with Dr. John Lewis

trees blowing in a hurricane

Psychological Trauma

Psychological first aid in cases of trauma - a short interview with Dr. James Campbell

two men starting to fight

Psychological Trauma

Psychological first aid in cases of trauma ~ a short interview with Dr James Campbell

Man holding microphone

Public Speaking Panic

I can't shake my fear of public speaking.

teacher punishing student

Punishment Alternatives

My son was forced to keep his desk in school facing sideways all semester.

hand writing text on glass asking what is my life purpose

Purpose and Meaning of Life

I don't know what the purpose of my life should be.

depressed man walking alone at the beach

Purpose and Productivity

My life has gone down the tubes after I quit my job voluntarily.

sad girl on phone

Racist Mom

My mom won't speak to me because I have black friends.

man holds hands over ears and screams

Rap Music

Is rap music legitimate?

No Image

Rational Happiness

What happiness is and is not (begins at 5 minutes 00 seconds)

statue of  The Thinker

Reason vs. Emotions

Which do you base healthy decisions on; analyzed or unanalyzed emotions ~ a short interview with Dr. Steve Orma.

Angry girl with clenched fist

Rebellious Daughter

My 12 year old daughter became rebellious over a boy.

woman with folded arms turns her back on man offering flowers in apology


Should I remarry an ex husband who wants to reconcile?

Mom being physically abusive to son

Recovering From Abuse

How can I better face the problems of my abusive childhood?

heartbroken woman rests her face in one hand

Recovering From an Affair - Controlling the damage from an affair - a short interview with Dr. Tiffany Kisler

Controlling the damage from an affair - a short interview with Dr. Tiffany Kisler

man thinking about giving flowers to girl

Regrowing Love

Does love have to be earned?

lonely man walking on beach

Rejected by Son

My adult son won't talk to me after my wife died.

man yelling at confused woman

Relationship Tips

Are my difficulties with my fiance normal?

angry man using fist to break glass

Religion vs. Character

My criminal boyfriend found religion but regularly gets headaches and is depressed.

two girls not speaking to each other

Repairing a Friendship

My best friend thinks I am abandoning her if I find more frineds.

man in bed frowning and thinking while wife sleeps

Repairing My Marriage

I am a bad husband

building in ruins after war


My friends judge me by bad things my ancestors did.

sad woman seated by herself among others

Repressed all Emotions

I am repressed and can't seem to make lasting friendships.

emotionless man

Repressed Boyfriend

Should I keep dating a guy who is emotionally closed?

depressed man seated dark room


What is the difference between depression and manic depression?

man and woman arguing


I do not handle disagreements with my boyfriend well.

bored and unemotional man and woman

Repression - Tips to Overcome

My husband and I are accused of being too unemotional to raise kids.

Atlas bearing the troubles of the workd on his shoulders

Resentful Caretaker

I am becoming resentful of having a dependent blind partner.

older woman is angry at puzzled husband

Resolving Conflict

I have problems resolving conflicts with my spouse.

woman deciding between photos of men


Why do I long for my past boyfriend rather than my current one?

Man stopped for drunk driving


Should I stay with a boyfriend whose adult son is out of control?

roller coaster

Roller Coaster Emotions

I have uncontrollable roller coaster emotions.

heartbroken man with head in hands as woman walks away


I am desperately in love with a woman who broke up with me.

book titled how to find love

Romance Tips

How to choose a romantic partner.

sign with text reading 'honesty'

Romance vs Depression

I want to trick my depressed grandmother into thinking that she has a secret admirer.

big city crowded apartments

Romance vs. Career

I hate living in the city with my boyfriend.

Needy woman being served breakfast in bed

Romance vs. Independence

How do I choose between my romance and my independence?

girl sitting at school desk daydreaming about boyfriend

Romance vs. School

Should I give up school for a relationship with a wonderful guy?

woman pleading with upset man

Romance Without Romance

disinterested man on a date

Romance Without Sex

I am not sexually attracted to the girl I love.

lonely man on dock at lake

Romantic Breakup

I can't deal with an unexpected romantic breakup.

sad man with flowers alone at dinner table

Romantic Reconciliation

How do I get back my girlfriend who broke up with me?

Woman looks resentfully at man bringing her more paperwork


How can I avoid my old habit of being a doormat for others?

 bored telemarketer wearing headset

Sacrificed my Job

I gave up my great job because my husband insisted his job was more important.

woman tries to cheer up her friend


How do I shake my feeling so blue?

sad woman staring at cell phone


Why do I get sad every time I talk with my wonderful dad?

child girl in bed having nightmare scared

Scary Movies

I am haunted by a movie I saw as a kid.

 Nervous man in formal wear looking at businessman writing on clipboard during job interview

Schizoaffective disorder

I can't get a job due to my past mental health issues.



How can I self treat my own schizophrenia and hallucinations?

woman tempts man with apple

Seductive Neighbor

I worry about my husband's relationship with our sexy neighbor.

sad heartbroken depressed woman crying

Self Confidence

How can I regain my self confidence after my deeply romantic partner hurt me so deeply?

sad scared woman sitting alone with group of friends sitting at different table

Self Conscious

I am uncomfortable in groups of more than one or two people.

Nervous anxious uncertain  young woman with hand to her mouth

Self Doubt

My mind constantly races with thoughts of self doubt

woman smiling with mirror reflecting her in despair

Self Esteem

How to gain control over how you feel about yourself

Insecure girl with low self esteem standing with back turned away from classmates

Self Esteem

I don't deserve to have friends.

unhappy lonely angry woman smoking and thinking


I yell at my kids unless I smoke.

nervous self doubt uncertain shy teen girl


My great bright girlfriend has low self-esteem.

proud child dressed as superhero


Is self-esteem important to children?

woman with pad and pen pencil thinking hard


Why do you (Dr. Kenner) tell us to analyze our own thoughts and feelings so much?

young man hooked on playing video games


Teenage son retreats from life into video games at the expense of his parents relationship.

Man walking alone


Since my wife died, I am scared of most everything and have avoided others.

man with emotionless stare into distance


I have numbed myself to all emotions due to family tragedies.

man  deeply engaged in reading a sexy book


(starts at 5m 44s) Young adult asks if he is over-sexed (starts at 5m 44s)

woman with no appetite forced to eat dinner


My husband says that if I really loved him, I would eat what he cooks more often.

Book cover of Selfish Path to Romance


Why do you (Dr.Kenner) claim love is selfish?

man yelling to woman with bullhorn


Isn't it selfish to follow your advice about assertive communication?

Proud successful businessman and woman holding thumbs up

Selfishness vs. Sacrifice

Rational selfishness or blind sacrifice - which one leads to happiness? A short interview with activist Lin Zinser.

man looking at picture of woman


I'm going crazy because I can't stop thinking about this girl.

Older crazy woman angry at puzzled clueless man


My elderly mom is losing it.

senior couple holding hands

Senior Dating

Sixty year old divorcee asks how to find a good woman.

woman avoiding man's advances at movies


Is my zero interest in sensuality normal?

girl in pool inflatable float happy waving

Setting Limits

My 12 year old daughter was invited to a birthday party featuring bathing suit oil wrestling.

sexually frustrated man in bed with wife

Sex and Pain

My medical pain from sex is destroying my marriage.

woman  turns head away from man who attempts a kiss

Sex as a Sacrifice

I can't get romantic with men I care about.

Frustrated woman in bed next to man reading paper

Sex Problem or Relationship Problem?

Why most sex problems are relationship problems.

Sad man and woman in bed together

Sex Starved

How to repair a sex starved marriage - a short interview with Dr. Michelle Weiner Davis

man and woman holding hands while psychologist takes notes

Sex Therapy

Some myths about sex therapy - a short interview with Dr. Barry McCarthy.

apprehensive man and woman holding each other closely

Sex Therapy

What is Sex Therapy? A short interview with Dr. Barry McCarthy

crowded naked casual sex orgy

Sex vs. Romance?

I am more interested in the sex than the romance.

man reading paper ignoring his wife


(starts at 6m 13s) My husband no longer has a romantic bone in his body.

angry man in bed with back to woman on computer no sex


My fiance was raped and now hates sex.

girl hiding under sheets


Kiddy-play in not a sex problem in kids.

girl sitting across from therapist

Sexual Abuse

How can I discover if I was sexually abused at age 3?

young adult man deep in disturbing thoughts

Sexual Harassment

(begins at 4m 37s) I am haunted four years after being sexually harassed.

man and woman both upset while in bed

Sexual Myths

Myths about sexuality, including; frequency, spontaneity, intensity, age - with Dr Tiffany Kisler.

woman ignores man sexually in bed

Sexual Pressure

I rejected my girlfriend because she withheld sex.

sad man and woman in bed no intimacy


Sexual problems couples face - A short interview with Dr. Barry McCarthy

man and women upset about their differences and have their backs turned to each other

Sexually Mismatched

Newly married couple is romantically mismatched.

shy young girl hiding behind mom

Shy Child

My young child is extremely shy

Abusive Aggressive man screaming at shy woman


How to overcome my shyness and escape an abusive relationship.

Man gazes lovingly at woman


I fear if I tell my friend I love her I will lose her as a friend.

man  avoiding getting close to anyone

Shyness vs Confidence

Why am I shy, meek, and lack confidence?

angry child clenches fists

Sibling Rivalry

Five year old hits and has anger control problems.

woman physically attacking man

Signs of an Abusive Partner

(starts at 4m56s) Signs of an Abusive Partner

man reading newspaper ignores angry woman who shouts with bullhorn

Silent Treatment

My boyfriend deals with issues by using the silent treatment.

Grave site with no one there.

Sister Friction

How do I deal with the fact that my sister did not go to my mom's funeral?

restless man awake in bed with eyes wide open

Sleep Anxiety

My college son can't sleep because he is afraid he can't sleep.

depressed sad alcoholic woman with wine glass and bottle

Sober For Good

My approach to studing alcoholism problems - a short interview with researcher Ann Fletcher.

shy guy at party


I don't get along with people.

Man avoiding eye contact with woman at dinner

Social Anxiety

I can't make eye contact with anyone, even with my family.

Lazy man on couch holding a tv remote

Social Anxiety

My husband has become a couch potato with social anxiety.

man speaking into microphone

Social Anxiety

How can I help my son be more comfortable at public speaking?

Man with flowers anxiously waiting for his date to appear

Social Anxiety

Overcoming the social anxiety of dating

Lonely sab boy walking away from other kids

Social Anxiety

I am so socially anxious that I have no friends and can't leave the house

nervous woman sitting alone

Social Anxiety

Why do I get so nervous in social situations?

man speaking into microphone

Speaking Up

How to take the first steps to defend your ideas - a short interview with activist Lin Zinser.

speeding car

Speeding Laws

I like to drive very fast.

victorious athlete ecstatic at finish line


Why do we value sports so much? - a short interview with Dr. Judy VanRaalte

cover of book titled the selfish path to romance

Stages of Romance

Youth to Seniors; The typical stages of intimacy and romance - a short interview with Dr. Tiffany Kisler

dad walks with daughter bride

Stepdad vs. Dad

My bio-daughter wants her stepdad to walk her down the aisle.

insecure woman fear anxiety worried scared biting nails

Stinking Thinking

Dealing with those depressing negative thoughts that keep you so unhappy - a short interview with Dr. Judy Beck.

stressed out man breaking pencil


Coping with stress - a short interview with Dr. Steve Orma

stressed woman holding head with pained look


My stress is starting to effect me physically.

angry grandmother about to hit with frying pan

Stress Management

Stress Management: Coping with stress overload - a short interview with Dr. Steve Orma.

angry woman pulling out her hair

Stress Reduction Tips

My kids are killing me with stress.

angry man punching fist through computer screen

Stress vs. Family Time

(starts at 6m 38s) The effects of a stressful job upon family life.

Student Housing

My dad does not want me to live with him while I am a student.

policeman testing driver for driving while drinking

Substance Abuse

How cognitive therapy might treat substance abuse.

bored sleepy businessman at computer


I hate my boring life enough to end it.

No Image


Are there pros and cons to suicide? (starts 7 minutes 22 seconds in)

desperate girl crying in bed

Suicide, Teenage

I need to help my suicidal friend get over some rough times.

angry boy with clenched teeth making fists

Super Brat

My little brother flip flops between being bratty and kind.

Laughing boy points finger at sad boy


I have always been teased as a kid by my family and school mates.

two young teens staring at computer screen

Teen Sex

Sex is becoming a diluted value for youth.

teenager sticks fingers in her ears while mom talks

Teenage Communication

How do you get through to a teenager's mind?

Temper tantrum demonstrated with trees blowing in hurricane

Temper Tantrums

Help me deal with an eight year old's temper tantrums.

frustrated woman in bed with man reading paper


What is an affair, and why are they so tempting? A short interview with Dr. Tiffany Kisler

girl lying on couch while psychologist takes notes

The First Session

What a first session of cognitive therapy is like - a short interview with Dr. Jeff Riggenbach.

traffic sign saying

The Gay Closet

I just got exposed to HIV from a gay encounter.

boy sitting looking hopeless

The Meaning of Life

How can I be happy if my life has no meaning and I am afraid of getting old this way?

cheering fans in sports stadium

The Value of Sports

Why do we value sports so much?

man admiring the woman therapist sitting across from him

Therapist Ethics

My boyfriend fell in love with his therapist.

Exasperated man with handa on his head screaming

Therapy Panic

I have panic attacks before seeing my therapist.

young woman holding head having bad thoughts

Thinking Mistakes

How to deal with any overpowering lousy thoughts you might have - a short interview with Dr. Jeff Riggenbach

woman with pad and pen pencil thinking hard

Thinking Problems

How to handle hard thinking problems - A short interview with Seminar Presenter Jean Moroney

Teenage girl daydreaming in classroom

Threats vs. Active Listening

My bright teenager can't focus in school.

bored worker yawning and staring at clock

Time Management

How to manage your time well - a short interview with Seminar Presenter Jean Moroney

business man wasting time by playing with paper

Time Management

Do you often waste your time? Overcoming time management difficulties - a short interview with presenter Jean Moroney.

older brother torments and teases younger handicapped brother

Tourette Syndrome Child

Tourette Syndrome Child

man attending to old dog


My fiancé loves animals because he doesn't trust people.

confused suspicious sad man scratching his head


I no longer trust anyone since my wife cheated with my best friend.

woman suspicious spys peeks thru blinds


I'm having trust issues in my romantic relationship.

man with binoculars spying through window blinds


I don't trust my girlfriend who is starting college

man sneaking a glantz at another woman behind back of wife

Trust and Commitment

Why did my married boyfriend of 30 years give me a ring?

boy genius

Tuition Sharing

My kids want me to subsidize my grandson's education.

Man in bed undecided while looking at woman wearing sleep mask


I deeply love a woman whom I find very unattractive.

puzzled man shrugging shoulders implying I don't know


My indecisive boyfriend has turned my world upside down.

young man lazy on couch giving  orders to mom in kitchen

Unearned Guilt

My brother abuses my parents

No Image

Unearned Guilt

Unearned Guilt-How to crush a man’s soul. (begins at 5 minutes 10 seconds)

puzzled man with many fingers pointing at him

Unearned Guilt

(starts 7m39s) How to rule someone else's mind.

proud man in new car

Unearned Guilt Syndrome

Do you suffer from "Unearned Guilt" Syndrome? - A short interview with Dr. Steve Orma

man looking accused surprised guilty astonished defensive scared

Unearned Guilt Syndrome

Do you suffer from -Unearned Guilt- Syndrome?

angry woman throwing flowers at puzzled man

Unjust Suspicion

My fiance broke off our engagement after 30 days due to a total misunderstanding.

young adult man shrugging as to which choice to make

Unwanted Advice

How can I get my adult son to make better choices?

shocked boy reading book with flashlight

Unwanted Thoughts

My young son was disturbed by a movie sex scene.

Three people covering  their ears, mouth, and eyes.

Unwanted Thoughts

How can I stop intrusive unwanted memories from hijacking my current thoughts?

worried man holds head

Unwed Dad

I worry if my obese girlfriend is pregnant.

Woman unable to think with empty thought balloon

Vague Instructions

How should I deal with vague instructions or questions from a superior coworker?

emotionless man

Values - The Big Four

People are put off by my lack of emotion.

depressed woman with flower

Values and Happiness

My wife has a life long depression about everything.

Woman puts fingers in her ears to block shouting from mother

Verbal Abuse

I am an adult living with a verbally abusive mom.

soldier crying in psychologist's office


Issues facing our returning vets - a short interview with adjustment counselor Jay White

marching soldiers with weapons and gear

Veterans Issues

How to understand and help with the issues faced by returning vets. - A short interview with adjustment counselor Jay White.

two happy smiling boys playing video games

Video Games

All my kids want to do is watch TV and play video games.

Angry violent man about to explode breathing fire and smoke


Warning signs of a potentially violent co-worker - A short interview with Dr. James Campbell

angry businessman punching hole in computer screen


Warning signs of potential workplace violence. A short interview with Dr. James Campbell

violent angry gang fight


How to respond to a threat of violence - a short interview with Dr. James Campbell.

bruised woman holds hand up indicating stop

Violent Husband

I need help dealing with my violent husband.

shy little girl hiding behing mother's skirt

Visitation (Parental)

Should I force my shy very young daughter to visit unsupervised with a dad she never met?

confused boy standing between a man and a woman both reaching for him

Visitation by Abuser

Will my son experience emotional damage by being forced into visitation with his abusive father?

woman in dreamy sleep

Wandering Eyes

I fell in love with a younger man.

man deciding between eating apple or hamburger

Weight Loss

Why don't I feel guilty about being overweight?

No Image

What Women Want

I wish guys knew what we want in a relationship.

woman thinking hard about a serious problem

Why do I Hate

I don't know why I hate my husband and want to leave him.

obese man on couch with tv remote control

Why Overeat?

What are the psychological causes of overeating?

Mom trying to get daughters attention

Withdrawn and Angry

My angry teenage daughter doesn't talk or smile with adults.

happy father and young son

Work vs. Children

How my son showed me the importance of being a dad.

angry man grabs another man by tie

Workplace Liars

Bullies and liars at work have caused co-workers to be fired.

sign with text reading STRESS

Workplace Violence

The stress at work is driving me crazy.

angry woman yells at puzzled man

You Idiot!

I need help dealing with my anger.

young boy on knees gives rose to young girl

Young Romance

My kid and step kid seem to be romantically curious.

woman smiling deep in thought

Your Core Ideas

What role do your deepest ideas play in how happy you are? A short interview with Dr. Jeff Riggenbach.

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